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Lori Matzke - Founder of Center Stage Home™

Lori Matzke, Center Stage Home™ Founder
Lori Matzke

Lori Matzke founded Center Stage Home™, a company that assists real estate agents and homeowners prepare their house for market. After introducing her services in 1999, it wasn't long before she gained enough exposure and recognition for her work to add affiliates in major cities nationwide.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she now conducts workshops and seminars throughout the country. To accommodate her training program, Lori founded and the HSE™ designation. She also has the distinction of publishing the first book ever dedicated to Home Staging, released in 2004. "HOME STAGING: Creating Buyer-Friendly Rooms to Sell Your House" defined the elements of a well-staged home and set the ground rules that are now considered standards in the industry.

Lori's proficiency in the industry and down-to-earth appeal has allowed her the opportunity to appear as a guest speaker at real estate conferences, home and garden expos and in television and radio broadcasts across the country, sharing her knowledge and experience in the art of staging a home to SELL! Her work has been recognized in numerous print and on-line publications including Realtor Magazine, CBS MarketWatch, Entrepreneur, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, where she was a Home Staging columnist for six years.

Recognized as a 'Home Staging Pioneer' and leader in the industry, Lori still stages and redesigns homes throughout the Twin Cities Metro, New York City, and Washington, D.C.