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Atlanta, GA Affiliate - Tasha Moody

Tasha Moody Center Stage Affiliate - Atlanta
Tasha Moody
Center Stage Affiliate - Atlanta

Tasha Jamison Moody is the exclusive Center Stage Home affiliate in the Atlanta area, specializing in both occupied and vacant stagings as well as interior re-designs. Previously employed as Marketing Director for a company that planned and designed tradeshow booths, Tasha discovered her passion and natural skill for creating balanced spaces that are inviting, functional and beautiful and parlayed that passion into home staging. Now the owner and chief staging consultant of Simply Staged (, Atlanta's premier home staging company, she is enjoying a thriving career doing what she loves - transforming homes into showcases that sell.

Services include:

Simply Staged has extensive experience in both home staging and interior re-design and is happy to serve Atlanta and it's 60 mile radius. Tasha Jamison Moody also teaches 2-Day Home Staging Expert Workshops in both Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. For a list of upcoming workshops please go to

For more information on how Simply Staged can use the things you already have to create the home everyone will want, email, call 404.791.4288, or visit Simply Staged on the web at